Special Recognition of the Lee Family

This past year, we had the retirement of two long time members of the New Hanover Fire & Rescue Services.  Though we had plans to recognize both Brian and Janice Lee at our 2021 Appreciation Dinner next week, that dinner isn’t happening due to obvious reasons.   None the less, these two members deserve special recognition for their service to the community of New Hanover Township.

Janice Lee joined the department in 2003.   During the time with the department, she served as a firefighter and Secretary of the Fire Department as well as the Relief Association.     

Brian Lee Sr. joined the department in 1986.   During his time, he served as firefighter, Trustee, President and most recently as Chief Engineer, only to be the second one ever in the history of New Hanover until his retirement.     When Brian decided to retire from New Hanover Fire & Rescue, he had 33 years of service to the Community of New Hanover Township thereby distinguishing him as a Life Member.  The Officer’s and members wish Brian and Janice a happy retirement in the Pocono’s.