ALAN WOMMER 1954 – 2015


Alan Wommer


07/20/1954 – 06/14/2015

It is with deepest regret the New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service announces the death of active life member Alan Wommer, 60, who passed away on June 14, 2015. Al was a life member of New Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Company # 1 since 1984 and a life member of New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue since the merger in 2014. Prior to joining New Hanover Volunteer Fire Company # 1 in 1984, Al was a member of Sassamansville Fire Company.   Al served as a dedicated Fire Police Officer for over 30 years.

Funeral arraignments have recently been announced. The entire funeral service will be held at New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue Station B, 2154 Swamp Pike, New Hanover Township on Saturday, June 20th, 2015.

Viewing will be held from 09:00 am to 11:30 am in the social hall. A memorial service will follow at 11:30 am with Reverend Joseph Dietz officiating. At the conclusion of the services, a reception gathering will be held in the engine room at New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue Station B.

There will be no funeral procession. Burial will be private at the convenience of the family.

New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue members wishing to stand honor guard please contact Deputy Chief William Moyer as soon as possible.



Volunteers Needed



Your Community Needs Your Help!!

Spring has sprung and now is the time to get out of the house.  New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue is accepting members of the community to join in the activities (indoor & outdoor) of the New Hanover Volunteer Fire &  Rescue services.  No experience needed.

There are many activities with in the New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue for everyone to take part in.  With firefighters being the one activity everyone thinks of, there is also Fire Police, Scene Support, and Social Members.

Firefighter: Not all firefighters go inside burning buildings. There are many firefighters that work outside the burning buildings and scenes, supporting with hose lines, ladders, and other equipment.

Fire Police:  Fire Police members are in short supply.  Fire Police assist with traffic control and scene control at fire and accident scenes.  Not only for fire calls, but also supporting the police departments in the area with emergency scenes.

Scene Support:  These members assist the other firefighters with equipment and supplies needed at fire and accident scenes.

Social Members:  If you  are not interested in becoming a firefighter or fire police, Social Members support the New Hanover Fire & Rescue by helping out at events like Bingo, Chicken Barbeques, dances and other events.

As you can see, there is something for every member of the household.  With two fire stations, New Hanover Township residents are with in reach either fire station. Stop by one of the fire stations on a Thursday evening (training night) and see what we are about.

Station A – Sassamansville – 1865 Hoffmansville Road or Station B –  New Hanover – 2154 Swamp Pike.






scene support



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Home Knox Box




If you are a homeowner with an automatic fire alarm system, can you ensure that someone is always at your residence to let the fire department into your home when your fire alarm system activates and you are not there?  If not, New Hanover Fire & Rescue participates in a program called the “KNOX BOX” system. This Knox Box system is currently being utilized by the commercial business establishments in New Hanover Township for when an alarm activates and the business is closed. 


This Knox Box system is now being offered to the residential homeowners of New Hanover Township. This type of entry system will allow the fire department a non-destructive way to enter your home to check your fire alarm activation when no one is at your residence.  This prevents the fire department from causing damage to your residence by entering a window or doorway to make entry to check your fire alarm activation.


KNOX-BOX® 1650 Residential  –  The Residential Knox Box 1650 is a high security key safe designed for the single family home that only  local emergency responders can access.  With a Residential Knox Box installed, emergency responders can respond quickly without forced entry.  Emergency  responders simply remove your entrance key stored inside, provide fire or medical assistance and re-lock your door when they leave.
For more information about the Knox Box 1650 click here:  Knox Box 1650  You  may contact and order your Knox Box directly thru the Knox Company by calling Customer Service at 1-800-552-5669.


If you are unable to obtain a Knox Box 1650 directly from Knox Box, you may email New Hanover  Fire & Rescue with your contact information at and a fire officer will then contact you to guide you on how to acquire this Know Box feature for your home.

Knox Box 1650












                             NEW HANOVER FIRE & RESCUE – 2154 SWAMP PIKE



071  37 Rescue Rt663 13Mar2015


Now that winter is over and the snow/ice is gone, motorist increase their speed on our roadways.  New Hanover Volunteer Fire & Rescue Station 37 responds to numerous accidents, most with injury, caused by drivers driving too fast and not paying attention to their driving.

Slow down, keep enough distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.  Watch out for motorcycles, joggers, bicycles and children.  Pay attention to your driving.  AND put the cell phone down!!

Give our firefighters a break.  We would rather you come and visit us at our fire station than us come and visit you at your accident scene!


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Snow Is Coming



Help Us Help You In An Emergency.

If there is a fire hydrant near your house, please take an extra couple minutes and clear the snow away from the fire hydrant.  The 5 minutes it takes you to clear the snow away from a fire hydrant may be the 5 minutes we need to save your house.


605  37 Car Fire 20Feb2014


Clearing the snow a minimum of 3 feet on each side of the fire hydrant and to the roadway gives firefighters the space needed to operate a fire hydrant. (4 or more feet is welcomed)


This is a firefighters dream come true pulling up to a fire call:4

This Fire Chief has more important things to do at a fire scene than clearing snow away from a fire hydrant to get water for the fire:18  37 gas leak  11feb11

Gibraltar Rock Donates Holiday Turkeys


Gibraltar Rock Donates Holiday Turkeys to New Hanover Volunteer Fire Fighters

This season represents the twelfth successive year for Gibraltar Rock to express their gratitude for the service volunteer fire fighters of New Hanover render to the community, by donating holiday turkeys to 75 members of the New Hanover Fire & Rescue Services.  Gibraltar Rock owns a Greenfield quarry in New Hanover Township, and looks forward to continuing its support of the New Hanover community. 

The Silvi Group, of which Gibraltar Rock is a unit, owns and operates mines in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, ready-mix concrete plants in Limerick, Downingtown and several other places in these states, and a cement terminal in Bristol, PA.

New Hanover Turkey Donation 2014

Photo Caption:  (L to R) New Hanover Fire & Rescue President Brian Lee, New Hanover Fire & Rescue President-elect Robert Ward and Sean Earlen of Gibraltar Rock

Time of the year to clean your Chimney!



It’s that time of year again that New Hanover Fire & Rescue, along with many other fire departments, begin responding to numerous chimney fires.  The weather is getting colder and everyone is in a hurry to light up the fire place.  The question is: Did you have your chimney cleaned and inspected this year?  Please, before you start lighting that fire in your fireplace, have your chimney cleaned and inspected.
It’s not just the fire in the chimney, but it’s also the heat caused by the fire in chimney and fire getting into any cracks in the chimney that starts the inside of your walls on fire.  Once the fire gets into the walls, it will spread very quickly throughout the entire house.  Please, have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned each year before starting your winter fires.